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You are not a horrible person.
You are not insane or crazy or stupid.
You are not ugly. You are not disgusting. You are not trash.
You are not what he did, or what they said, or how she felt.
You are not a number on a scale.
You are not weak when you are vulnerable.
You are not a grade inked on a sheet of paper.

You are not a coward because you have fears. We all have fears.
You are not a lost cause just because you are still searching.
You are not foolish because you care so deeply about things most people don’t take the time to notice.
You are not unworthy because of your past or the mistakes you made.
You are not doomed to misery no matter what your doubts scream in your ears.
You are not hopeless just because you fall and fail.
You are not insignificant. You are not invisible. You are not inadequate even though you don’t measure to the world’s standards of success.

You are not damaged beyond repair even after all these years.
You are not the sins of another or the tragedy of others.
You are not limited to how you grew up or who you loved.
You are not the mistakes or expectations of your parents. Or anyone for that matter.
You are not defeated even though you are wounded.
You are not silly. Your dreams belong to you. They are not silly.
You are not empty. There is light, and art, and love in you.

You are not the only one who feels the way you do, sees the world with dreamy eyes, or hopes that it truly does get better.

You are not alone.
You are not alone.
You are never alone.

We will find each other. You will find me, and I will find you. I truly believe somehow we will all find the people we need in this world. We will meet, and it will be a beautiful day when I finally see your smile and the light of joy and peace in your eyes.

Until then remember these words and remember that I mean every single one.

~~Acoustic Imagery~~ (via another-chance165)


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